Team Performance Management

Following steps demonstrate a typical goal and performance management process in a small team by using GoalMaster app.

GoalMaster is not an automatic workflow solution for your team performance management, as all the data created by the users are stored on the devices of the users, there is no a server provided by us to coordinate the goal data sync. However, GoalMaster offers the possibility to a small to manage team performance with very cheap cost.


Prepare an empty goal document, config the document by inputting the master data, and share to other team members. All you project members use the goal document with the same master data, to help them input goal data correctly, and the leader does not need extra work to adjust the goals after merged goals.

Jan - Goal Setting

After communicating with the team (the leader shared the team goals to the team members), the team members start to input their individual goals into GoalMaster (using the goal document you have shared to the team members in the previous step).

For example, Linda prepares below her goals.

Feb - Goal Reviewing and Finalisation

Team members send the goals to the team leader, and team leader will review the goals with the team member one by one.

Nov - Goal Result Update and Review.

Team members update their goal result, team leader review the goal result with the team members.

Dec - Assessment.

Team leader does the assessment.

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